Homeowners should not just know how to clean their gutters, but they should know how gutter cleaning can be done properly. Knowing how to clean gutters not only keeps repair out of the window but also ensures safety. Here’s a list of things to do in order to make sure safety is prioritized as well as quality cleaning. 

1. Safety on the Ladder 

The first thing to consider is the ladder you are using. When using a ladder, always make sure that it is sturdy enough to handle your weight. If you have a single floor home, then you can use a 4 leg ladder however if you own a home that has two floors then you should use an extension ladder. Ladders that are wooden and have three legs should not be part of your options, the ladders mentioned are not stable enough for this kind of work. If you think ladders made of fiberglass are your go to because they are the heaviest, I’m telling you no. Ladders made of fiberglass are sturdy however very heavy. For a work that is exhausting, you don’t need a ladder that will add to exhaustion. Last thing, when you are using a step ladder, always lock it in place after fully extending the hinge arms of the ladder. 

 2. Use a garden Hose 

Go for a garden hose with a pistol grip trigger. Pistol grip gives you the freedom to only use one hand when cleaning. This ensures your safety while you are in a ladder. Moreover, always opt for a spray nozzle so that the pressure of the water released can be easily controlled.  

 3. Plastic scoop for the gutter 

 A gutter scoop can optimize a gutter cleaning. Gutter scoops are very flexible when it comes to scooping out any kind of debris. Plastic gutter scoops are also preferred instead of the ones made of metal to eliminate the risk of damaging the gutter. When a gutter is damaged through a metal gutter scoop, rust can develop and a whole lot of repair needs to be considered. 

 4. Protection 

Your hands are vital to your everyday life. Hand protection is very important and this can be done through wearing some gloves. Aside from the gunk that can be found in your gutters, possible things that can cause your hand to get cut can also be avoided through wearing a pair of gloves. When looking for gloves fit for gutter cleaning, choose a thick glove that is made of a suede material, so that it is soft, have a less possibility of shrinking compared to leather gloves and unlike rubber gloves, less susceptible to tear.  

 5. Rubber Shoes 

I know! You must be thinking, ‘Why wear a pair of rubber shoes when I’m only using my hands when cleaning?’. Rubber shoes are your way to help yourself balance. Wearing rubber shoes will eliminate the risk of slipping while doing heavy work with your hands while cleaning the gutter.  

If ever you feel like these are too much for you to handle and a lot of consideration to imagine, then call the pros to do it for you. Visit batonrougeguttercleaning.com for more details!