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Silver Flatware Sizes

Continental Size vs. Dinner Size vs. Place Size

We are often asked what the difference is between the Continental Size Flatware vs. the Dinner Size vs. the Place Size silver flatware.  While each pattern is the exact same, some of the sizes of each different set may be differnet.

Place Size Flatware

The Place Size is the most traditional size you will see in American Households.  While the Dinner Size and Continental Sizes are becoming increasingly popular, it is the Place Size that is most customary in the US.

Flatware Piece Size
Place Knife


Place Fork

7 1/2""

Place Salad Fork 6 1/2"
Place Soup Spoon 7"
Place Teaspoon 6 1/4"


Dinner Size Flatware

The Dinner Size flatware is slightly larger than the Place Size flatware in just the Fork and Knife ONLY.  Each of these items is 1/2" longer than the Place size.  Each pattern is still the exact same.  The measurements below are a good standard, but are not exact as each manufacturer might have slightly different specifications to the Dinner Size Silverware. These are estimates, but close approximations.

Flatware Piece Size
Dinner Knife

9 3/4"

Dinner Fork


Dinner Salad Fork 6 1/2"
Dinner Soup Spoon 7"
Dinner Teaspoon 6 1/4"


Continental Size Flatware

Continental Size silverware is traditionally popular in European countries.  While it is becoming increasingly popular in the US, it is still traditionally European.  The set is hallmarked with a longer Dinner Fork, Place Knife, and Soup Spoon.  The measurement for each piece in a 5-pc set is listed below.  These measurements are generally accurate, but are not exact as each pattern may differ by manufacturer and date.

Flatware Piece Size
Cont. Knife

10 1/2"

Cont. Fork

8 1/2"

Cont. Salad Fork 6 1/2"
Cont. Soup Spoon 7 5/8"
Cont. Teaspoon 6 1/4"

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